Электроламповый завод Альфа : Welcome to "Lamp factory Alfa" web-site
Разработка и производство специальных источников света

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Welcome to "Lamp factory Alfa" web-site

Our main area of activity - production of special light sources.

Our factory - highly mechanized and automated business that is constantly being improved and expanded. Production Company "Lamp Factory Alpha" is widely known and has a great geography, and today we are one of the leaders in the manufacture of lamps in Ukraine and CIS countries.

At present, our factory specializes in manufacturing such products as:

  • Davy lamp P3, 75-1 0.5, R3 ,6-1 0.5, R2 ,4-1 0.5 and other versions;
  • Lamps for railway traffic lights;
  • Discharge xenon lamp type CDLS 20000-2M, CDLS 10000, CDLS 5000;
  • Lamp IFK-2000;
  • Glow discharge starters for tubular fluorescent lamps type 20S-127-3, 80С-220-3;
  • Special products of quartz according to the drawings;
  • Signal light valves of various modifications;
  • Product of quartz for metallurgy (tips for thermocouples, labware, etc.).

Also, our factory produces for indvidualnym order:

  • Incandescent lamps;
  • Lamps quartz glass;
  • Gas-filled lamps;
  • Product of quartz
Currently, we plan to expand the range of products and the introduction of an international standard.
All products are 100% quality control. This ensures that all our products are in demand not only in Ukraine and Russia, but also in EU countries and the Middle East.
Special pride in our highly artistic products of crystal. Nobody can remain indifferent when he saw a crystal rose, tulip, stickers, candlesticks.

We are constantly improving their products to meet the requirements of consumers.  

84323, Украина, Донецкая
область, г. Краматорск,
ул. Юбилейная, 70.

+38 0626 489281
+38 0626 489283

Skype: andreyshenko.alfa

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